All good writing is taken from the writer's heart. the Writer's brain, muscle, bone, and skin only serve as transportation of the final product.

The trees, flowers, grasses, weeds, land and all that's in the pure air have lessons for writers and artists willing to listen. They're in the whispers of the slightest rustling and melodic movements of plants in the breeze. They're in the clouds moving overhead, the sun's brightness, the night's Milky Way and the rhythm of rain drumming the soil.  They're in the birds' songs. They're in the brilliance of winter's whiteness, the magic of  spring's regeneration, summer's many shades of green, and fall's melted crayon box of colors.  

The rural countryside has much to teach, even in its quietest moments. The person open to those moments, is open to knowing place and self.

~ Scott Schultz

The Heartbeat Center

for Writing Literacy and the Arts